Info About Server:

EXP: 1000x. Adena: 500x. Spoil: x2. Party EXP: x2.

Dusk weapons, Apella / Dynasty armor, Reflect and Eva Shields.

(DYNASTY Armor / Reflect Shield - FOR HERO ONLY).
3 Tattoo's: Soul, Avadon, Resolve.

Safe Enchant = +3
Simply Scroll: Weapon/Armor/Jewelry = 50%
Blessed Scroll: Weapon/Armor/Jewelry = 95%
Max Weapon = 11 Armor/Jewelry = 10

Max Enchant items by NPC = 16

TvT Event:
Time between event 3hours.
Participation Time 15min.
Event Running Time 20min.
MinPlayer Need for event: 10.
Reward: 15 Coin of Luck

CTF Event:
Event operate twice a week.
(Monday 20:00 and Thursday 20:00).
Participation Time 15min.
Event Running Time 40min.
MinPlayer Need for event: 6.
Reward: 60 Coin of Luck.

Event Medal Event:
(One Day Event)
Teleportation opening Wednesday 20:00. Teleportation closing Thursday 20:00.
Mobs Drop: 1 Event Medal.

Olympiad at 18:00 till 00:00.
Soul Shot now are automatic using in olympiad.
Only A/B/C/D Grades can be used in olympiad.
S and NON Grade Disabled in olympiad. 

Boosted BladeDancer.
Boosted SwordSinger.
Boosted WarLord (with spear).
Boosted Summoners.
Boosted Prophet.
Boosted WarCryer.
Boosted Dwarfs.
Boosted Dark Avenger.
"HIDE" Skill for Daggers.
Anti Heavy Set For Archers - HE/PR/SR.

Jewelry - Raid Bosses:
Queen Ant - Respawn Time:
Zaken - Respawn Time: 3-4hours.
Baium - Respawn Time: 4-5 hours.
Antharas - Respawn Time: 5-6 hours.
Valakas - Respawn Time: 5-6 hours.


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